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Math Up Your Text!

Sample screen shot of MathText It’s new! It’s fun! It’s totally non-conformant!

Announcing MathText™... the first program that gives you the power to abuse the Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols introduced in Unicode 3.1!

Now you can convert your plain, boring Unicode text into exciting fancy text using Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols, completely violating the intent of the Unicode Standard and the math symbols in particular. You can even create mixed-font “ransom-note” style text! (Note: not responsible for crimes committed with the use of ransom notes.)

Dazzle your friends by adding headlines and emphasis! Confuse your enemies by obfuscating your text! Annoy the hell out of the Unicode Technical Committee!

Don’t wait! Be the first to screw up your Unicode text with MathText! MathText is absolutely free and worth every cent! Download it today and get ready to Math Up Your Text!™

MathText runs on all 32-bit Windows systems. (Uniscribe may be required for full Unicode display support on some systems.) Support for supplementary characters and glyphs for Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols are required.

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